Sunday, January 2, 2011

Photo Fiction

As I've remarked before, I'm a fan of photo fiction, pictures that tell a story. The fun is that each image may tell a different story to you than it does to me.

The young couple pictured today are of course, children, but dressed in eerily adult fashion. That's because their parents made them dress up for Sunday School.

Somebody's Feeling Grumpy
The day started out alright, with special Sunday pancakes for breakfast instead of oatmeal. But when the time came to get dressed, things took a turn for the worse.

Danny was delighted to be going out. He likes to sing the childrens' hymns and he likes the stories they tell him there. He didn't even mind that the sleeves of his new blazer were too long. "You'll grow into it," his mother assured him.

His sister Belinda obviously had other plans. She had heard frogs singing down at the pond last night, and she was determined to get down there to catch one. She wanted to keep it in her terrarium and feed it flies. The sun was already getting hot and she knew exactly where to look for the frogs, keeping cool in the deep shade under the leaves of plants along the edge of the pond.

But she had to wear this dress. She had to have her hair combed out with water to make it lie down. And on top of it all her mother said she had to wear this completely stupid fuzzy pink cape over her shoulders. "To keep from getting sunburned," her mother told her. The thing even had dumb pom-poms around the edge for crying out loud.

As they left the house, Danny's face was radiant. Belinda's face was a perfect storm cloud. Her fingers clenched tight into two fists.

What do you think happened to them after their father dropped them off at church?

[Post-processing courtesy of Infinicam]

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