Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Splash of Color

Red Rocket - processing by ColorBurst!
Single purpose photo apps don't thrill me. And I actually can't see that there are many occasions when I would want to use an app that turns a color image to black-and-white and then let's you put back some of the color.

After you've seen this trick done once, it gets to be a bit 'old hat.' But that's just me. Maybe you love this effect.

If you do, then you're going to love the ColorBlast! photo app for the iPhone. While I can't get unduly excited about what this app does, I have to express ecstatic approval for the flawless way in which it does it.

I didn't expect this app to work very well because it depends on the use of your finger tip to 'paint in' the area where color is to be restored. The finger is a notoriously clumsy substitute for a pencil or a paint brush. And I expected my results to reflect that fact.

But the results of finger painting with ColorBurst! are outstanding. The app's built-in intelligence decides what colored area you want to restore once you touch your finger to the screen. Not only does it restore color to the area you touch, it stops at the edge of that area and doesn't let you smear outside.

It couldn't be easier and the results are perfect. If you need it, get it.

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