Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Four Things I Like About Infinicam

Apart from the great images it makes, there are four things I especially like about Infinicam.

#1 Like. Very reasonable 'help' hints are included in the program, and are a great way to get you started. They come up when the app first loads, but you can turn that feature off from your iPhone settings panel. These hints even let you know how to change program features in the iPhone settings panel, something I had to discover by accident with some other photo apps.

[Right: '58 Pontiac - two processing choices with Infinicam]

#2 Like. The app comes with 12 preset camera 'styles' or processing options, each of course with its own 7-digit formula. You can choose any of these as is, or you can modify them to a variety of related effects. Starting out by applying each of the preset styles to one of your photos gives a great idea of the range of capabilities at your disposal. And you can also try out each of the 18 included frames to see how they go with your image.

#3 Like. One button randomization - there is a single button located in the lower right corner of the screen that applies a randomly chosen processing formula and frame to your image. You can touch this 'Press For New Camera [style]' button as often as you want to get an endless series of variations. When you find one you like, just mark and name it as a favorite, and you can use it again on any other image you choose.

#4 Like. You can store your processed image in several different resolution sizes, and all the choices are available each time you save. Full size is an option. This is way better than the restricted options available on some other photo apps.

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